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Nanophysics and Molecular Nanomagnets

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Welcome to the homepage of the Nanophysics and Molecular Nanomagnets Group of

 Prof. Dr. Oliver Waldmann


In our group we focus on the magnetic phenomena in the so-called molecular nanomagnets. These molecules establish a new class of magnetic materials, which provide a fascinating view on the magnetism in tiny, mesoscopic quantum objects. We study the magnetic ground states and spin excitations using experimental techniques such as high-field torque magnetometry or inelastic neutron scattering, as well as numerical/theoretical techniques for the analysis. General questions are, for instance, which new phenomena emerge in the crossover region from simple paramagnets to bulk magnets and/or quantum mechanical to classical.



A brief Introduction to the world of Nanophysics and Molecular Nanomagnets is presented in the following short video that was created with the help of an AI video generator. This video offers a light-hearted glimpse into our group, combining elements of truth (such as group activities) along with a not completely scientific approach for entertainment purposes.The details and script of the video can be found here: [Video-Script].